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JRS Jack Russells
Our Males are IMPORTS from IRELAND
and are the foundation of our breeding program.
Paying attention to Phenotype and Genotype, our stud dogs have "Go", "FIRE", and "GAMENESS" and Conformation with overall Balance.
Dedicated to the Creation of Pure Lines, we have produced pups with a "little better nose", strong boned with powerful jaws and strong cheek muscles. 
 They are lively and coordinated.
They are enduring and sensible dogs, fit for any work, however hard, 
 Go to Ground, Racing, Agility.
Spike of JRS



Spike of JRS

Spike and Mike

earning their 

AKC Earthdog Title!

Champion and Grand Champion Quest

Best Male, Best of Breed, Best Winners,

Reserve Best in Show and Best in Show.

Quest of JRS


Audacious of JRS

An upcoming

yearling Dog


enormous potential

Audacious of JRS

We give dogs time we can spare,
space we can spare,
 and love we can spare. 
 And in return, dogs give us their all. 
 It's the best deal man has ever made.

Please ask Martha Stewart to include

this tip in her magazine:

"Next Thanksgiving, why not put your cat out for a breath of fresh air, then take your turkey, put it in the blender, bones and all, and mince for 10 seconds with the top off.

  Next, graciously invite your dog in for a holiday dinner he'll never forget!  Then, let the cat back in the house and suggest that he sniff the kitchen floor."




Educational Terrier Fun Days:  
No Experience Necessary
This is a Learning/Practice, Fun Day -
 No Registration Papers Necessary
OPEN TO ALL TERRIERS-Not a competition
You and your dog will have great fun!

Austin Puppy Power of JRS

"I guess I'll just go for a ride!"

More Meatballs,

Less Spaghetti.

Just a thought,

#1 Spike Son

"California Jack"

Ultraquest Macho Macho

First Male Class, Best Male, Winners,

Best of Breed

Tan and white, 10 inches

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