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JRS Jack Russells


Raised in the Mountains of Colorado !

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     Our Friend, Quest is familiar to most that breed and compete in the Jack Russell World. He has accomplished not only for himself but for his get, a long standing history of winning.

 His temperament has been passed on and is evident in total overall wins by a Russell Terrier through the years.

He is the sire of numerous conformation and performance champions.

 If you are ever in our area, stop and meet him.

                   "The coffee pot is always on"



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About Us

We have been involved with the breeding of purebred dogs for more than 25 years and the terrier's temperament has always intrigued us.  There are over 25 different breeds of terriers and as a breed they are alert, intelligent, feisty, athletic, healthy and strong.  The modern Jack Russell Terrier is the absolute epitome of the ideal terrier and should exhibit all of these virtues in spades.

Our Jacks are easily educated but have power over other terriers and are approached by few.  They are full of life with curiosity and anticipate events and places.  They have faithful temperaments that never falter.

May I always be the kind person my dogs think I am,



Our Son "Robby"

March 24, 1967 to January 22, 2008 

I never promised to love you for the rest of your life,

I will love you until the end of mine.  "Mike and Joyce"

Thank you to everyone visiting and sending flowers and cards to our home to comfort our hearts and souls. Anyone who would like to visit Robby's Memorial, please visit and enter his last name:  Boruch  



Educational Terrier Fun Days: 
No Experience Necessary
This is a Learning/Practice, Fun Day -
 No Registration Papers Necessary
OPEN TO ALL TERRIERS-Not a competition
You and your dog will have great fun!