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JRS Jack Russells

Bailey of JRS

JRS RosettaCanDance of Walnut Creek

JRS Macie's Salsa

Eukanuba National Champion Female Russell Terrier

Owned by Rachel Dolden


Educational Terrier Fun Days:  
No Experience Necessary
This is a Learning/Practice, Fun Day -
 No Registration Papers Necessary
OPEN TO ALL TERRIERS-Not a competition
You and your dog will have great fun!

Champion Nikki of JRS

Nikki of JRS

Champion at the age of 18 months.

Champion Guiness of JRS

Champion Melody

Melody is a very smooth,

correct 11" female

that is a champion

in conformation and racing. 

Why Dogs

      bite people.....

Gentry of JRS

In the lead at the

Purina Dog Challenge!

Shehy of JRS


On the weekends, Josie and I go "bar hopping"